We are always interested in our new clients and why they are choosing permanent makeup. So we’ve decided to share what we’ve learned!

  1. Young Mistakes –  You may be surprised at the number of clients that “over plucked” their cute teen arches. This often leads to mis-shaped brows and even permanent loss of their eyebrows.

  2. Personal Investment – Many of our clients lead busy and active lifestyles. These clients are now wanting to reward their success by getting permanent eyebrows and eyeliner.

  3. Save Time – Everyday many woman spend time at the mirror penciling in their brows, eyeliner, and lips. Imagine jumping (or rolling) out of bed each morning with perfectly shaped brows or not having to bring your makeup with you in the car because you ran out of time are hoping to put eyeliner on at the red lights! Permanent Makeup can make your life simpler.

  4. Thinning Out – Well, it’s true. We’re not getting any younger. Eyebrows tend to thin as we get older which leads to more time in front of the mirror. Permanent eyebrows are customized to each client preferred color and shape. Professional shape and color creates a younger – fresher face!

  5. Era of the Brow – We know you’ve noticed. Brows are in. Our SofTap techniques are safe, fast, modern, and beautiful. We specialize in a natural beautiful permanent makeup. Our clients love the way they look after their appointments. We make sure they’re apart of the process and help chose the shape and color.

If you are wondering if permanent makeup is right for you chances are that it is! Email us with your questions and to setup a consultation that can take place at our beautiful salon in Sandy Utah or over the phone. We’re here for you when you’re ready! In the mean time, stay beautiful and have an wonderful day!

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