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Microblading and SofTap which is done 100% by hand. The instruments we use are only used once by you and then discarded, making it the most sterile method. Because everything is done by hand, we have more control over placement of the pigment, quicker healing times and we are able to achieve a more natural look.
Each procedure is different and we take the time to make the client feel comfortable with the pigment color and shape. You can plan on around 1.5-2 hours per procedure from start to finish.
When it comes to pain, obviously everyone is different. Prior to beginning the procedure we take 15-20 minutes numbing our clients. But this isn't all. Throughout the entire process we make sure to keep applying the cream. This insures that our clients are as comfortable as possible. Many clients compare the feeling of this procedure to that of tweezing.
While most of our clients only chose one procedure at at time, we always recommend doing more than one area during the same appointment. A perfect example of this is getting your brows and eyeliner done during the same visit. We also offer a full face treatment which includes the brows, eyeliner and lipliner.
Because everyone is different we recognize that total healing time will vary, but typically healing time is usually between 5-7 days. Similar to a mild sunburn, our clients will notice their skin will begin to flake and peel slightly. This is completely normal. It’s important to remember not to pick at the skin as it completes the healing process.
Yes! Our methods are the least invasive permanent cosmetic procedure available. Our clients may have some swelling and slight discomfort.
We love our clients! Therefore, we use the best topical numbing practices available to us. Our clients’ happiness is most important to us! We take huge steps making sure that our clients are as comfortable as possible throughout the permanent cosmetic process. We begin the numbing process as soon as our clients arrive.
The health and safety of our pregnant clients is paramount. For health precautions, we request that our clients receive our services after their pregnancies. However, we do many procedures on breastfeeding moms!
Yes! Many of our clients are older women that may struggle applying their makeup precisely due to vision impairments or other reasons. Permanent cosmetics is a great option for all women 18-90! Wakeup ready to go no matter your age!
During the first session we set in the initial shape and color. Due to swelling and skin irritation we allow the skin to heal completely before we set in the final color. During the followup sessions our clients get the benefits of perfecting the shape and color. We recommend the second session gets scheduled six weeks following the first appointment.
Because permanent cosmetics is a process, we always recommend that our clients schedule a second session six weeks following the first appointment.
Pigment colors will fade 40% upon healing. Directly after the procedure colors will be darker than you’ll notice them being after the healing process has ended. Trust the healing process. Colors follow the pattern of too dark, too light and then just right.