Permanent Cosmetics Utah


Questions and Answers about Permanent Makeup Utah

Learn more about the full microblading and sofTap Experince

What permanent makeup methods do you practice?

Allure Artistry Cosmetics is professionally trained and certified to apply permanent makeup using several methods. Microblading and SofTap (softaps)

SofTap. What is SofTap? It is a permanent makeup method done 100% by hand. The instruments are disposable and used only once on each client and then discarded, making it the most sterile method. Because everything is done by hand, we have more control over placement of the pigment, quicker healing times. So, we are able to achieve a more natural look.

“SofTap® Permanent Cosmetics is the brand name and trademark for SofTap® Inc., the permanent makeup supplier company offering the highest quality education, hypoallergenic pigments, and 100% disposable SofTap® hand tools to permanent cosmetic professionals. SofTap® Products are the #1 choice of hand method professionals with every hand method technique! Hand tools may be tapped or very gently etched into the skin, depending on the desired results. The next generation of microblading has been developed by SofTap, in order to continue providing professionals with the best disposable hand tools available. With GenuLine® Needles, professionals can apply high definition hair strokes.” SofTap, Follow SofTap on Facebook.

Microblading. What Is microblading? Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique also done by hand. Using amazing new blade technology, we’re able to create many hair-like incisions on the eyebrow and place small amounts of perfectly colored pigment under the first few layers of skin. Because these semi-permanent eyebrows are so carefully shaped and colored they look amazingly natural all day long.

How long does microblading or SofTap take?

Each procedure is different and we take the time to make the client feel comfortable with the pigment color and shape. So you can plan on around 1.5-2 hours per procedure from start to finish.

Is there pain involved?

While getting semi-permanent makeup applied on the eyebrows, eyelids, or lips may cause discomfort or pain in some individuals, most experience a sensation of slight pressure or a feeling similar to tweezing. Because a medication is used to numb tissue in the specific area where microblading or SofTap pigments are being tattooed, most pain is avoided.

Can I get 2 procedures done on the same day?

Absolutely! You can do a full face (includes eyes, lips, & brows) all done on the same day. So you can definitely get your permanent brows and eyeliner done on the same day

How long does it take to heal?

Total healing time is usually between 5-7 days. As a result your skin will begin to flake and peel slightly similar to a mild sunburn. So if you’re a “picker” you’ll be slightly challenged but we know you can do it.

Will I be able to return to work right after my procedure?

Yes! The Softap method is the least invasive permanent cosmetic procedure. You may have some swelling & slight discomfort but your activities are not limited.

Do you use any numbing products?

Yes we use topical numbing at the procedure site before beginning.

Can I be Pregnant or breastfeeding & get permanent cosmetics?

We do not do procedures on pregnant women. Not because anything we do is harmful but for liability reasons we ask that you wait until you are no longer pregnant. However we do many procedures on breastfeeding moms!

I am an older woman, is permanent cosmetics a good option for me?

YES! Many of our clients are older women that may struggle with applying cosmetics precisely due to vision impairments or less steady hands. Permanent cosmetics is a great option for all women 18-90!

Why does it require 2 sessions?

The first session we set in the initial outline & color. Due to swelling & skin irritation we allow the skin to heal completely before we set in the final color. Your second session is a complimentary session where we will perfect any color or shape issues at that time.. Permanent cosmetics are a process!

Can I skip the second session?

It is up to the client if they choose to book the second appointment or not. The price does not change if you choose to only book one appointment. The second session is complimentary to refine the procedure.

Will the color stay as dark as it is when first finished?

Directly after the procedure colors seem dark & more harsh. So naturally pigment colors will fade up to 40% during the next few days during the healing process.  Trust the healing process. The stages of healing in respect to the color. Colors follow the pattern of too dark, too light & then just right.